Here is a closer look at the flexible display, battery and more on the LG G Flex

One of the really neat things we got to see on display with LG tonight was the flexible display of the LG G Flex au naturale. This thing is nearly paper thin, and it is quite the experience to hold something like this in your hands and bend it every which way.

The P-OLED (plastic OLED) display is remarkable to behold when it is not embedded in the device behind a protective layer of glass. Seeing this up close, it makes us wish we were a little further along the technology trail to actually have a self-contained device that was closer to this.

That said, seeing this up close also means we are on the cusp of seeing a lot more interesting options coming down the trail in the years to come. This flexible technology has been on display at various tech venues for years, but the challenge has always been in developing a viable manufacturing process.

Similar challenges were faced as it related to the battery too. Having a battery that could withstand the rigors of a flexible handset was more than technological, it was a safety issue too. Making a bent battery was not a problem in itself, but making it bendable, while maintaining integrity that did not pose a threat to set someone’s pants on fire, or melt a leg, was paramount to the task. To their credit, LG has found a way to address these issues and we are sure that others will be following in their footsteps as competitors look to get on the bandwagon.

The self-healing back plate is pretty neat too. It is not built into the polycarbonate plastic, rather it is a coating, akin to a urethane coating that one might see on a wooden floor. Small, relatively shallow scratches and scuffs will work their way out. Temperature is a big factor in the speed with which self healing occurs.

Some scratches may become less apparent in as little as 30 seconds, or it can take much, much longer if it is cooler. Either way, it is a neat feature to have since the LG G Flex will fit nearly perfectly into a back pocket.  Check out some of the pictures and a few videos below.

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