Would you buy a flat-screened (non-edge) Galaxy S10?

Would you buy a flat-screened (non-edge) Galaxy S10?
Word on the street is that we are about to see a plethora of new Galaxy S10 devices introduced in a little more than a month. Disregarding the different 5G and 4G models, the variants boil down to three distinct phones. The rumor mill says that Samsung is "pulling an Apple" with two super-premium flagships and a more affordable variant, which will have the same powerful hardware as its bigger siblings, but cut all the right corners in order to bring the price down.

We are calling it the Galaxy S10 Lite, though some leaksters say it may be named Galaxy S10 E for whatever reason. And one of the main corners it would cut, some say, is the Infinity edge display. Instead of having a screen that curves around its sides, it'd have a classic flat screen.

Of course, Samsung used to do that before — the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S7 both came in "normal" and "edge" variants. Since the S8, Samsung kind of took that choice away from users — if you wanted a flagship Galaxy, you had to pay for the curved display.

Now, presumably, this was done because people preferred the edge variants anyway, and the aesthetic gave Samsung's devices their own signature look. But that doesn't change the fact that some users missed their flat screen choice for mixed reasons. A less stable grip around the frame, lack of case diversity, screen protector fit, and image distortion around the edges of the device are probably the main gripes customers have with the curvy displays. And, of course, price — ever since Samsung's flagships went "edge only" they also jumped up in price a bit. Though, that may be unrelated, as others in the industry have been inflating their prices over the past couple of years as well.

In any case, let's imagine the rumors are true and we get to buy a flat-screened Galaxy S flagship yet again. Would you rejoice?


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