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Galaxy S10's superior in-display finger scanner to be showcased on the Mate 20 Pro first

Galaxy S10's superior in-display finger scanner to be showcased on the Mate 20 Pro first
There are optical fingerprint readers you can tuck under the screen of a "bezel-less" phone, and then there are superior ultrasonic ones. Qualcomm's second-gen ultrasonic sensor is reportedly going to be a major selling point of Samsung's upcoming Galaxy S10, as it will reportedly be embedded in such a high-profile handset and in such mass quantities for the first time.

Granted, there are phones with in-display finger scanners on the market already, like the recent Vivo NEX with its pop-up selfie camera, but it carries under-glass reader from the Chinese firm Gudix, which is of the optical variety. 

Qualcomm's tech can work accurately through glass up to 800 microns thick, compared to 300 microns in the previous generation. The kicker is, however, is that we may see the latest ultrasonic in-display reader on the Mate 20 Pro first, as Huawei has reportedly entered a license exclusivity deal with Qualcomm until the end of February, or right around the time when the Galaxy S10 is expected to hit the tape. 

Korean media is reiterating today that Samsung will equip its midrange A-series with in-display scanners, too, but clarifies that these will be of the less precise optical variety, and supplied by Gudix whose solution is the one currently used by phones with in-screen finger readers. Thus, if we want to get a preview of how the second-gen ultrasonic biometry on the Galaxy S10 behaves, we probably need to look no further than the Mate 20 Pro release in the fall.

source: BiometricUpdateETNews (translated)

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