Forget the bend test, here's the Xperia Z3 in Coke and Nutella tests!

The mobile manufacturers' strives to add some extra durability to their devices, and some of their design mistakes, have spawned a various array of obscure tests, done by users and tech bloggers in the recent years. From drop tests, to scratch tests, to bend tests, to liquid nitrogen tests, being-set-on-fire tests, and sniping tests, every new flagship device that gets introduced to the market will be tortured in an abnormal way, and it's gone to a point where it's being done in order to record the device's breaking point on camera, rather than its chance to survive everyday use. In light of this list, these two tests that we are about to show you lean more towards "normal" and "everyday" than "pointless destruction".

YouTuber adrianisen has the habit of testing smartphones, which are advertised as water-proof or resistant, by drowning them in Coca-Cola, and of course - the Sony Xperia Z3 has made its way to his list. As far as relevance to the real world goes – it's not hard to imagine spilling soda over your device, or dropping it in a bowl of liquid. And we've long heard of Coca-Cola's destructive properties (though it remains a guilty pleasure for many), so seeing a device dive in a glass of Coke can still make your heart skip a beat, even if you know it is being toted as "water-proof".

Well, for the Xperia Z3, adrianisen went the extra mile and busted out a jar of Nutella, and covered the device in the sticky chocolate – aiming to simulate the phone being dropped in real-world grime, and test the reliability of its dust-proof label.

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We won't spoil the videos for you, though we suggest you don't watch the Nutella one if you are hungry.

source: YouTube (1, 2) via Android Community

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