iPhone 6 Plus meets liquid nitrogen in torture test

iPhone 6 Plus meets liquid nitrogen in torture test
Sometimes, obliterating electronic gadgets with explosives, shots from a sniper rifle, or other high-powered weaponry just isn’t enough.

Sometimes, you need to literally shatter your intended target with a sledgehammer, but not before you dip it in a small tub of liquid nitrogen. In this case, the newly released iPhone 6 Plus gets a rather chilling introduction just hours after it was purchased.  Of course, in true RatedRR fashion, all the action was captured in high-quality slow-motion video.

For those that do not know, liquid nitrogen boils at negative-321 degrees Fahrenheit (-196 centigrade). It is used in all sorts of practical applications, and it also serves as a cryogenic fluid, meaning it can instantly freeze living tissue. It is sometimes used in a method of removing cancerous tissue.

It is also used in rapid fire-extinguishing systems, preservation of reproductive cells, shrink welding, cooling, and superconductor applications.

The team at RatedRR wasted no time in likely being the first to introduce a new series of torture tests for the iPhone 6 Plus. If using liquid nitrogen is the first test, we cannot wait to see the rest. As you might expect, the end result was shattering.

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