The HTC One (M8) goes through the ultimate torture test, from over 1,000 yards away

The HTC One (M8) goes through the ultimate torture test, from over 1,000 yards away
Just when you think slow-motion action can’t add any more trickiness to it, Rick Ryan takes the torture to the sniper level by putting a new HTC One (M8) through its paces.  In addition to regular drop and dunk tests trapped in slow-motion, the firearm tool for the trade is the exotic TrackingPoint XS1 rifle. It’s basically a computer with bullets.

This particular model is a .338 caliber rifle with integrated and networked tracking scope, tracking tag, and guided trigger mechanism. The scope is able to compensate automatically for windage, curvature of the earth, distance to target, as well as elevation points.

To make things even easier, you can paint your target with the tag button and then the rifle will not let you fire until you have properly lined up your targeting reticle. The components can help track moving targets and because the whole system has Wi-Fi connectivity, you can have a spotter monitor things from his or her smartphone or tablet.

What does all that do to the HTC One (M8) from over 1,000 yards away? As you might expect, it’s predictably lethal, and the action with the slow-motion cameras is pretty neat to see. The first shot is on target. In Ryan’s second shot, the round grazes the screen perfectly. Not bad for a computer assisted scope. The final round gutted the device, thus endeth the exercise.

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source: RatedRR (YouTube)

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