Drop dead, gorgeous: watch as every iPhone generation gets the drop test treatment in one video

Drop test of every iPhone generation reveals the shift in durability
The new iPhones come with the largest screens that have ever graced a member of Apple's renowned handset line, but "the bigger they are, the harder they fall," they say. Putting this claim to the test, someone decided to do some dropping of every iPhone model ever made, and determine if there is a shift in durability as the screens get larger and larger, as would be expected.

The phones got dropped from two angles, including the all-important side and front tests, which take the hardest toll on today's big-screen mobile devices. Long story short, the phones mostly landed on their feet during the side drop test, but failed miserably when they splashed face-down on hard surface, as most of today's big-screen smartphones do. 

Well, not all of them, as the plasticky iPhone 3GS was the only one whose screen survived the face-down drop, but its first impact with the ground was actually with the side, and then it plopped with the screen down, so that wouldn't count as survival. All in all, eat your vegetables, and make sure you don't drop your iPhone face-down on the concrete pavement, even from waist height.

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