The Galaxy Note 4 holds up during the #BendTest, kind of

The Galaxy Note 4 holds up during the #BendTest, kind of
By now, even your non-techie friends will have heard the news: the iPhone 6 Plus bends if sufficient amount of force is applied to its structural Achilles' heel -- the volume rocker. In fact, so seemingly easy it is to bend Apple's first phablet that the YouTube video that gave a start to this entire fiasco has seen its view counter climb over the 50 million threshold.

While the #Bendgate scandal was still trending, Unboxing Therapy (the channel behind the original iPhone 6 Plus bend test) further cashed in by putting a number of rival Android devices to the test. The Moto X and Note 3, for example, both proved to be as sturdy as smartphones get, and vastly outperformed the structurally-flawed 6 Plus. Obviously, of course, most people were far more interested in seeing how Samsung's next big thing, the Note 4, handles itself -- especially since the company took the opportunity to generate some free advertising off Apple's perceived woes. And today, we finally get the answer to that question.

Thanks to a new Unboxing Therapy video, we now know that the Note 4 holds up when put through what is hopefully similar amounts of force. Well, kind of -- the phone still warps a bit, though the reviewer was able to bend it back to shape. In any case, it's quite obvious that the Note 4 won't be as incompatible with your jeans' back pockets as the 6 Plus appears to be. Interestingly enough, however, whatever Samsung changed with the Note 4's construction, it would appear that its structural integrity isn't as formidable as the Note 3's, which held up better. You can see the videos below.

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