Facebook takes a page from YouTube's and Vine's books, poised to add video view counters in its apps

Facebook takes a page from YouTube's book, poised to add video view counter in its apps
Several months ago, Facebook quietly implemented a feature in its mobile apps, which automatically began the playback of any video you scrolled down to in your news feed. A number of Facebook's numerous mobile users have surely found this auto-play feature mildly irritating, but fortunately, there are ways to circumvent this hate-it-or-love-it feature. Then again, it seems that Facebook itself is pretty keen on videos, as most of the new features that are poised to land on its mobile apps starting this week are mostly centered around videos.

Facebook is planning on implementing a video counter, which will show how many times a given clip has been viewed by devotees of the popular social network, similar to the one Vine recently received. As per Facebook, more than 65% of all video views can be traced back to mobile devices, thus this new implementation will help users find out which are the trendiest and most-viewed videos across the social network. These counters will grace both public and videos that have been published by a certain fan page.

In addition, Facebook will try hard to provide you with video clips that are relevant to the one you've just watched, much like YouTube does. All of these new features will begin their rollout sometime this week. Be advised that it may take a while before the update hits your app. We're also expecting the implementation of a built-in Facebook browser in both the iOS and Android apps.

source: Facebook via Pocket-lint

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