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EVO 4G owners getting un-glued by faulty screen construction?

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EVO 4G owners getting un-glued by faulty screen construction?
Some EVO 4G owners are complaining that their bottom screen is becoming unglued to the rest of the phone. This might be a problem with faulty glue or an issue with manufacturing. If the problem is not rectified, harmful dust could enter the inside of the phone through the opening where the glass should be sealed tight against the body of the device. If the glass is separating from the body of the phone, it may result in some of the backlight bleeding out of the unit. If you notice that your EVO is leaking some light from the bottom of the phone, you could have an issue with your screen.  Press on the display at the bottom near where the light is and if it stops leaking, then you and your phone could be having separation anxiety-the glass is separating from the phone's body and it is making you anxious. Returning the phone to the place of purchase before 30 days expires would seem to be the rational thing to do, but for those who can't give up their specific model, you can do what one ambitious EVO 4G owner did and use black silicone caulk to fill the gap and fix the screen. To find out how he fixed the display and got rid of the light leakage on his phone, click on this link. If you bring your phone back to the retailer, remember that this model is very hard to find in stock right now and diverting inventory to cover faulty units is just going to make matters worse. No comment yet from HTC. If the glass on your EVO 4G is not sticking to the phone, let us know how you plan on correcting the problem.

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source: AndroidForums via HTCCommunity


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