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Do you use Back Tap on your iPhone?

Do you use Back Tap on your iPhone?
One year ago, Apple unveiled iOS 14 and one of the most hyped features was a tiny accessibility trick that allowed you to double or triple tap the back of your iPhone to do a custom action like take a screenshot, scroll down a webpage, lock your screen, turn on Siri, or whatever you set it to do with various other shortcuts available.

The feature got a lot of press and was hyped up to almost be like a hidden button for your iPhone, but one year after its launch, we were wondering: are people actually using it?

Our own Peter K swears by it, yet others have tried and found it to work most but not all of the time, and ultimately left it turned off and never used it.

So in this poll, we reach out to you, our readers with this simple question: are you using Back Tap on your iPhone and what have you set it to do?

And in case you are wondering what we're talking about, here is how to turn on Back Tap:

1. Opening Settings and type "Back Tap"
2. This will take you to the accessibility menu where you can see if it's turned on and what shortcut it is set to.

Do you use Back Tap on your iPhone?

Yes, all the time!
I have it on, but only use it once in a while
No, I find it useless / buggy

Let us know your thoughts about this feature in the comments below: was it genuinely useful or overhyped?
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