Did Foxconn receive orders for the Apple iPhone 5?

Did Foxconn receive orders for the Apple iPhone 5?
What would make the Foxconn plant in Taiyuan urgently seek 20,000 new workers? Could it be the new Totoro wrist watch? How about the Hello Kitty Lunch Box? Actually, the speculation is that Foxconn has received an order for the new Apple iPhone 5. Local news media says that the recruitment will be widely broadcast this week and twenty recruitment centers are being constructed for the occasion.

It is interesting that strikes are taking place in the same location, so it could be that the 20,000 new workers are coming in just to replace those on strike under the guise of a large order for the next-gen iPhone. When it comes to the strange going-ons in those factories, your best bet is to take these stories with the proverbial grain of salt.

This past week we have had some rumors relating to the Apple iPhone 5. Some are calling for the device to sport a much larger 4.6 inch Retina display in order to catch up with large screen Android models, while others expect very little, if any, change to the 3.5 inch screen size on the phone. LTE connectivity is a strong possibility on the next Apple iPhone. No matter what it finally looks like and offers, you can be sure that some of the production will be done at the Foxconn factory in Taiyuan.

source: SlashGear
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