Designer produces concept images of Apple's rumored AR glasses

Designer produces concept images of Apple's rumored AR glasses
While the Apple HomePod smart speaker is Cupertino's next big consumer tech device, on the horizon is something bigger that could replace the iPhone as Apple's top revenue producer. Last June, analyst Gene Munster, who now pores over spreadsheets for venture capital firm Loup Ventures, said that AR powered Apple Glasses will become bigger than the tech giant's iconic smartphone. Based on comments from Apple CEO Tim Cook about the current state of AR technology, we probably won't see this device launch until 2020 at the earliest. Apple will reportedly turn to contract manufacturer Quanta to produce the specs, and release a new OS called rOS (for Reality Operating System).

Most of you out there probably have an image in your mind that pops up when you think of Apple Glasses. Most likely you visualize something similar to Google Glass, which debuted via a video released by the company way back in April, 2012. But some believe that Apple will make its AR headset resemble a regular pair of glasses. Designer Martin Hajek, who has developed concept images of Apple devices before, has come up with a series of conceptual designs for Apple Glasses.

There is talk that Apple has already been in touch with one of its casing suppliers, Catcher, to produce components for the AR wearable device. Hajek sees Apple using a high quality metal frame. Inside the frame, Apple could place some of the antennas and wiring it would need to make the device work. And if you look at the front of the concept images, you can see that there is a "notch" where certain sensors could be housed. The designer sees the device resting on a wireless charging pad when the battery runs low.

Take a look at Hajek's concept images of Apple Glasses by clicking on the slideshow below. 

source: iDropNews

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