EA confirms Command & Conquer: Rivals launches on Android and iOS on December 4

EA confirms Command & Conquer: Rivals launches on Android and iOS on December 4
Unveiled back in June, Command & Conquer: Rivals mobile game will be released on Android and iOS devices on December 4, EA confirmed earlier today in a press release.

A beta version of Command & Conquer: Rivals is already available to play via Google Play Store, so you can try it out for free. As EA points out, this is real-time strategy action game specially designed for phones and tablets.

Apparently, EA plans to turn Command & Conquer: Rivals into its next competitive gaming franchise to roll out a complete competitive program, including community tournaments and a championship pro scene.

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In C&C: Rivals, players lead their faction to victory by maintaining 100% control of their units at all times, which is supposed to add deep strategy and depth to the gameplay experience. Each commander that you choose to lead your faction has powerful abilities that can influence your strategy.

You can combine infantry, tanks, and aircraft units for the best result. Naturally, you'll have to align your army with your Commander's unique abilities to have an easier time on the battlefield.

Those who pre-register on the Google Play Store will receive the Early Bird Bundle, including a Titan unit, Diamonds, and Credits, when Command & Conquer: Rivals launches officially on December 4.

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