Claimed Huawei P8 leaks out in a prototype chassis with thin bezels, specs in tow

Claimed Huawei P8 leaks out in a prototype chassis with thin bezels, specs in tow
Huawei's upcoming flagship, the P8, has leaked online in an alleged prototype chassis, flaunting the familiar rectangular shape, and looking rather thin. We heard that Huawei might be swapping the Ascend title with phones simply called Honor. That process already started in Europe, where Huawei launched a market presence recently with the Honor 6, and will likely transcend to the US as well, indicating a new marketing push by the company.

As for the Honor P8, it is said to come with a 5.2" 1080p screen, an octa-core Kirin 930 chipset, 3 GB of RAM, and a 13 MP camera on the back with optical image stabilization. These specs jibe with what we already saw in Huawei's leaked roadmap for 2015, though the handset is listed there with a 5-inch panel, and unveiling close to the CES expo that already passed - this late coming might explain the screen diagonal enlargement in the current rumor. 

The phone is supposedly going to have a 2600 mAh battery to keep the lights on, which sounds on the modest size for today's flagship standards, but then, again, the P8 would skip on the Quad HD display trend, and likely have an ultrathin chassis, judging from its predecessors, which may or may not be made of metal/ceramic material. The P8 is eventually scheduled for unveiling after the MWC expo, at a separate Huawei event in April now.

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1. Captain_Doug

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2. Chuck007

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I've always liked Huawei's P series (even though I have my doubts about their boss) but "phone"... that better not be on the final product lol

3. Ghost04

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That's not Huawei , it's from PHONE brand . How can you even believe in such a meaningless leak .

4. Zomer

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PhoneArena I know you earn your money with pageviews, but please stop posting every meaningless leak.

5. g2a5b0e unregistered

Zomer, I know you have nothing better to do, but please stop commenting on articles you claim to not care about. You have the option to just not click on it. Some of us are actually interested. When you run this site, then you can decide on what articles PA should or should not publish.

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