Burglar arrested after leaving his cellphone charging in his victim's wall outlet

Burglar arrested after leaving his cellphone charging in his victim's wall outlet
With many of today's Android models losing battery power too quickly to suit users, it is no surprise that 25 year old Cody Wilkins was upset. His Cricket Sanyo was running out of power and the fierce blizzard had cut off power to Mr. Wilkins' home in Silver Spring, Maryland. So he packed up his charger and phone and broke into another homeowner's home to plug in his device. But at the same time, Wilkins allegedly was also helping himself to some jewelry. When the homeowner's son came home and startled the intruder, Wilkins jumped out the window leaving a valuable tracking tool for the cops.

When the police found Wilkins' Sanyo recharging in the wall, they called a number from the contacts list and tricked the caller to find out the name and address of the owner of the device. With this connection, authorities were able to catch a break on 42 burglaries that had occurred in the Silver Springs, Maryland area just since January. The cops were able to charge Wilkins with 10 robberies based on his MO and witness accounts. And even though one burglary netted the criminal over $30,000 in jewelry, Savings Bonds and cash, he never did buy the one thing that he could have used the most-an extended life battery.

source: WashingtonPost

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