Blizzard to launch new Hearthstone: Knights of the Frozen Throne expansion on August 10

Officially unveiled in early July, the next Hearthstone expansion will drop on August 10, Blizzard announced today. Knight of the Frozen Throne is the sixth expansion for the card game and should go live in the Americas region on August 10, while Europe and Asia regions will get it on August 11.

The new expansion comes with 135 new cards and a new type of hero cards that replace the player's hero and Hero Power. Moreover, Knights of the Frozen Throne brings a new Lifesteal mechanic, already known to many players since it's a standard ability for some creature cards.

Players don't have to buy the expansion, as the cards can be obtained with in-game gold. However, those who pre-purchase 50 Knights of the Frozen Throne will also receive the chilling Frostmourne card back to be added to their collections.

The theme of the expansion is the Icecrown Citadel, as each of the game's nine heroes embraces the power of the Undead Scourge and become death knights under the command of the dreaded Lich King.

Finally, this is the first expansion that includes so-called Missions, a new type of free single-player content. There are eight Missions meant to take the players through Icecrown Citadel at the end of which they will have to face the Lich King himself.

Successfully completing each of these Missions will reward players three Knights of the Frozen Throne card packs, as well as a random Legendary Death Knight Hero card.


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