BlackBerry KEYone screen gets torture-tested again: does it still fall off?


If you follow tech, you probably know of YouTuber JerryRigEverything. He has this elaborate torture test, which he runs every new smartphone through — scratches, bends, and burns — and reports on his results honestly and consistently.

Back in June, when the newest BlackBerry KEYone launched, the destructive vlogger ran it through his tests only to have the phone's display pop out pretty easily in the bend section of the video. BlackBerry (or TCL) didn't ignore the issue, however, and quickly acknowledged it, assuring customers that steps are being taken to improve KEYone handsets as soon as possible. By early July, “fixed” units were already on their way to stores.

So, JerryRigEverything did what he does — he got another device and went straight to bending it. Thankfully, it appears that the manufacturer was true to their word and applied tons of adhesive under the screen. The only way to remove it now is to apply lots of pressure with a sharp object inserted between the glass and phone body — the screen panel actually breaks before even coming off.

Oops, sorry for the spoiler.

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