Best wireless in-ear headphones for your iPhone or Android phone

In-ears have always been amazing — compact, easy to use during activities, and not as awkward as a fat, over-ear set of headphones. But the wires have always been a nuisance. Yeah, you know where this is going — wireless earbuds! Just as awesome, minus the tangled wires. Sure, we replace the annoying cord for an annoying battery life concern, and it's easy to get a pair of Bluetooth headphones that actually doesn't sound good... but fear not, we've checked out a bunch of in-ear buds for you!

Let's take a look at the best Bluetooth earbuds you can buy right now!

Wired Bluetooth sets

Now, there's a slight separation between the types of Bluetooth earbuds — some will have a wire running between the two earpieces. That way, you still don't have to worry about a cord running between your head and your pocket and you get the somewhat better sound quality (most of the time), but still have the slight inconvenience of a short string that you have to worry about when storing the headphones in your pocket. All that said, here are some great examples in this category:

Truly wireless Bluetooth sets

Now, if you want to be like all the cool kids and have truly cordless, truly wireless Bluetooth buds, you've got a choice, yeah. Sometimes the sound is iffy, but nothing beats the freedom of just having two in-ear headphones, no cords, no strings. Here are some pretty solid choices:


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