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Best affordable quad-core dual-SIM phablets

Best affordable quad-core dual-SIM phablets
The Sony Xperia Z Ultra just shocked us with its 6.44" display, but also with its high price of $679 (or 679 euro) off contract. You might wonder, isn’t it possible to get a phablet at an affordable price? Truth is there are countless manufacturers outside the mass market ones that provide decent alternatives at a third of the price.

Since the first Samsung Galaxy Note launched back in 2010, phablets, a name for phones that near tablets in size, have grown from a bold experiment into a mass market gadget. You can judge by how quickly virtually all Android phone manufacturers started making phones with screens larger than 5.3 inches, something that we consider the starting point for a device to be considered a phablet.

Below you'll find offers from Chinese manufacturers you may have not heard of, but if you are in the mood for experimenting, why not try them? Prices are extremely affordable and you can get a quad-core phablet for as low as $160 (but most cost around $200 and slightly more). What should interest you more is powerful hardware and in our selection right here we have the Star B6000 that features the new MT6589T chip, it's definitely the most powerful one of the bunch. We should warn you though - all of these devices do not support 4G LTE connectivity, nor T-Mobile’s AWS 1700MHz 3G bands. All of the devices below run on a quad-core MediaTek chip - a great performer for the price, so performance will be lag-free for the most part. With no further ado, here are our 5 picks for affordable quad-core dual-SIM phablets.

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