Best Buy Mobile's Holiday Playbook calls for all-out blitz on 3rd and long

Best Buy Mobile's Holiday Playbook calls for all-out blitz on 3rd and long
In the NFL, a team's playbook is chock full of important information. The same with a retailer's playbook for the all important holiday season. Somehow, BGR was able to get its hands on Best Buy Mobile's Holiday Planning Playbook. It is full of interesting motivational statistics for the sales force, and lists a number of high profile phones that will be offered by the big box retailer during the holiday season.

Let's look at the stats first. According to Best Buy, 64,000 customers visit the average store during October and November. Of that figure, only 1% receive an upgrade check and of that figure, only 30% actually are eligible for an upgrade. So, if Best Buy would raise the percentage of customers checked to just 2%, it would equate to an additional $20,000 revenue per store for those two months. 16% of customers that upgrade their handsets at Best Buy come back and make a secondary purchase. Ok, so it isn't "Win one for the Gipper", but it should motivate Best Buy salespeople to try to get you to upgrade your phone through them.

Ah, the phones. A pre-sale of the Android HTC Hero for Sprint will start October 11th. On October 25th, the Nokia Booklet will be offered and activation can be done through AT&T. The Palm Pixi-also for Sprint, and Verizon's BlackBerry Storm 2 do not yet have launch dates, but both  will be part of the line-up. A nameless Verizon Android model also does not have a date for release and the same with a nameless BlackBerry device that will be sold across multiple carriers. There will be multiple Android launches across multiple carriers that Best Buy will offer, says the playbook, and the Motorola CLIQ for T-Mobile also shows no release date. Despite the lack of precise launch information, it still is a fascinating inside look at what to expect from one of the fastest growing handset retailers in the country.

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source: BGR

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