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BBX name for RIM's QNX platform is leaked during Japanese presentation

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BBX name for RIM's QNX platform is leaked during Japanese presentation
The other day we told you about some speculation that RIM was going to call their QNX platform by a new name, BBX. This would include the operating system currently used on the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet and the one that will be used on the new series of BlackBerry SuperPhones coming early next year. The name was outed on a photo displayed on the QNX blog showing a slide shown during the QNX Auto Summit Japan 2011. The picture was of a slide listing support for QNX Car 2 coming from BBX, iOS and Android

RIM's slide shows the new BBX name for its QNX platform
The new name should be officially announced very soon, quite possibly at DevCon later this month. More importantly, RIM has promised that it will have one of its SuperPhone models ready to be displayed at the conference. As pointed out this morning by the guys at Crackberry, this does not necessarily mean that those attending DevCon will get a hands-on look at the models that RIM is counting on to survive. In fact, it could mean that the SuperPhones will be stuck inside a glass enclosure, the way the BlackBerry PlayBook was when the tablet was first introduced to the public.

RIM needs to get the new "BBX" line of smartphones off to a good start with the media and consumers, and a real hands-on approach to the SuperPhones is needed to quash the skepticism that would naturally arise if the phones were untouchable at DevCon.

source: QNXBlog via Crackberry

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