RIM to show off QNX phones next month; BlackBerry PlayBook getting major upgrade

RIM to show off QNX phones next month; BlackBerry PlayBook getting major upgrade
After reporting lower than expected earnings tonight, like we told you, and watching its once mighty stock fall to $20, RIM tried to turn the page by announcing that its new QNX flavored Smartphones will be available at RIM's developer conference next month. These new BlackBerry models might be the last chance for RIM to catch up to iOS and Android, not to mention Windows Phone Mango.

The QNX OS will allow BlackBerry users to download and use apps designed for other platforms-especially Android. The OS also handles multimedia and multitasking well. As far as the just launched BlackBerry 7 OS is concerned, this is not Harry Potter and Voldemort as both can live together at the same time. RIM says to expect a time period of 6-8 months where both can co-exist.

While the news certainly creates a positive buzz around RIM, the problem is that the competition has not decided to stand still to allow the Canadian based firm to play catch up. Apple is moving ahead with iOS 5 and Android 4.0 will be launched as soon as next month. By the time RIM gets around to actually releasing the BlackBerry Superphones early next year, it is hard to say where the competition will be.

During the earnings conference call, RIM co-CEO Jim Balsille said that a "major feature update" is coming to the BlackBerry PlayBook with the PlayBook software version 2.0. Also expected to be shown off at DevCon, the update will add native e-mail, contracts and calendar functions to the tablet and add the Android App Player. Additionally, the BlackBerry Video Store will be supported by the tablet, which will allow you to pick from 10,000 movies and television shows to watch on your BlackBerry PlayBook.

source: IntoMobile, Crackberry



1. Lucas777

Posts: 2137; Member since: Jan 06, 2011

idk i wud love someone to buy blackberry.. especially micrsoft although this will never happen... mango on a torch wud be very nice.. the problem is no one needs that rim has and as far as taking out a competitor, rim is doing that nicely all on their own..

2. remixfa

Posts: 14605; Member since: Dec 19, 2008

They are very behind. But they do need to take their time. Whatever they release has to be incredible and work perfectly. This is their hail mary pass. Its pass or fail at this point.

11. bb_user unregistered

I think RIM had a lot of time. From the first iOS version, till the first Android version, till now, they have at least 2-3 years to get their QNX os out. iOS and Android did not happen overnight and these companies have good engineers but not superhumans that can turn out an OS over night. Their leaders were farsighted enough to plan for something strategic that works. On the other hand, RIM executives were so blindsided they did not realize the impending tsunami on them. If a country's neighbors moves their troops to the border and start building arms and that country just sits back and does nothing, when it gets invaded and sacked, who can you blame.

3. p0rkguy

Posts: 685; Member since: Nov 23, 2010

If Google had acquired RIM within the last 2 years, they may have had a chance to even survive. Now it's just the waiting period for potential buyers that are willing to try and start an enterprise off RIM's network. Better hope Google has a change of heart.

6. digicon

Posts: 121; Member since: Aug 11, 2011

Man . Google is not some be all , end all , savior . OK ? RIM is bigger than you realise . Google would break their bank if they tried to buy RIM outright . . . RIM better hope Google has a change of heart ? Come off it man . Get over yourself . . .

12. bb_user unregistered

I don't think RIM's price is a big issue, their market cap is about $12.5B. Maybe if one waits for a few more bad quarters, the price may drop to about $8B, at which time Google can buy it at $12B (same price they paid for Motorola) There are other reasons why Google will not buy RIM, but price is not one of them. The other reasons are: 1) RIM does not use Android, Google do not want to sort out the mess of BBOS, QNX and all that crap. 2) Because of BB OS, RIM hardware is not optimized for Android and Google will need to redesign all of RIM's hardware for Android...if this were the case, they might as well start a new company from scratch. 3) Timing - Google just bough Motorola is still trying to digest it. It is unlikely Google will buy any other phone makers in a long time. 4) BBM is on a decline anyway, why not just start a new messaging service rather than paying so much just for BBM? What else in RIM that is worth money besides BBM? So if you look at the above points, why would Google spend more than the amount they spend on Motorola on a company with an OS they cannot use, hardware that is not suitable for Android, and relatively nothing else besides BBM, which as mentioned, is on the decline. All this at a point in time when they just bought Motorola... highly improbable.

4. snowgator

Posts: 3621; Member since: Jan 19, 2011

Blackberry has been pointing to the QNX since the Playbook was announced. This is their last chance to be a balanced mobile provider. I see three possable outcomes: First, if they get their QNX OS out and it is a hit, no harm, no foul. They continue to try and hold off the wolves biting at their heels for third place. I still think about 10% of the Smart phone sales worldwide keeps RIM afloat and their own company. Second, if QNX fails to catch on, all but give up being a everyday device and concetrate on your current base of company and government users and protect it at all costs. Cater just to them, offering unmatched corporate security and first class service. The last choice would be to jettison your top dawgs and bring in someone to tear the company down and try to repair it on the fly. I think that would be tragic, and the end of RIM as we have known it. Problem is, it may be the most likely of the outcomes. The worst part is that for me as a WeBOS supporter is that I think the best of both worlds is a merging of Blackberry's hardware and security with the software HP has no clue what to do with. That has been suggested on these threads here on P.A. for a year. Imagine the excitement THAT would create.

5. digicon

Posts: 121; Member since: Aug 11, 2011

. . . little . . . or none ? . . They already have 2 OS's . Now another ? Doubt it .

7. snowgator

Posts: 3621; Member since: Jan 19, 2011

Oh, I am just daydreaming out loud with the WeBOS thought, digicon. I know that RIM would have to dump QNX and BBOS7 to make it happen, which is financial suicide. But, wow. I just think Blackberry makes great hardware, and software is the only reason they have fallen behind. WeBOS is a great software that has never had quality hardware or apps behind it. Just seems like a great fit in my simple, easily amused mind.

8. Lwazi_N

Posts: 205; Member since: Jun 23, 2011

The one thing I hate about RIM is that their products take too long- updates take forever and new phones take an eternity to be released. I wonder how long we will have to wait to see the 9810 and 9850, let alone the 2011 QNX devices.

9. tkong

Posts: 3; Member since: Aug 26, 2011

It's sad to see RIM struggling to keep up by release terminal devices that will not be relevant when their own QNX devices come out. By then, Apple and Android will far surpass any superphone they have. RIM: you're not current, there's no modernity in your offerings, you're the old dying animal struggling to keep up with the herd.

10. corporateJP

Posts: 2458; Member since: Nov 28, 2009

It's the eleventh hour. RIM better hope this works, if not...

13. waheed khan unregistered

Guys I just want this major update 2.0 for playbook where I can use native email and android applications..have a playbook but it is useless in Pakistan where the bb application world does not work for some reason..so BB first plz give us the playbook update than go for QNX devices..the playbook is a beautiful and smooth tablet but right now useless in Pakistan without the applications and native email

14. jskrenes

Posts: 209; Member since: Dec 11, 2008

So....basically the Playbook will be updated to what it SHOULD have been at launch.

15. iDontFollow unregistered

RIM is worth way more than the 11-13bn today. If anybody in for an acquisition waits for a few quarters hoping for a better deal but RIM performs only marginally better than today the landscape will change a lot. Assuming fairly realistic numbers, only 10-20% above today will translate to a huge turnaround. By then, RIM might very well have earned another few bn net, and at 6-7 bn sales per Q they will be even harder to buy -- just assuming a decent PE of 10-12 on yearly EPS of 6-7 bucks translates to 60-85 bucks a share. The resulting 30-45 bn capitalization (not counting any premium) is hardly pocket change for anybody. Google is not the big daddy of all, nor is Apple or MS or whoever. For the consumer this will be bliss, having three platforms to choose from. If the HTML5 becomes standard, we should be able to run our apps on any handheld. Hardly what Apple wants :-)

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