Assembled new iPhone 5 leaks, claiming it's the real deal

Assembled new iPhone 5 leaks, claiming it's the real deal
We've seen purported schematics, front and back panels of the next iPhone, but we haven't seen the thing assembled so far, and today's leak filled that inexcusable omittance.

The assembled iPhone back looks very much stuffed in that unibody backplate that leaked last week with the funky speaker grills, seems to be machined pretty well for a fake, despite the scuffs and scratches, and the source says there aren't traces of Photoshop wizardry, but we won't know until we see the real thing.

If the photos from an Apple blog are credible, the rumored smaller dock connector is confirmed, as well as a larger display and chassis that seems mostly metal, rather than glass. What piqued our interest were also the two circles on the back, which seem to be of the camera and the LED flash. While the camera one seems to be pretty interesting in itself, on one of the pictures the flash circle seems to be made of many LED flash "dots".

If you remember, we wrote back in 2010 that Apple has patented a flash that consists of an array of tiny light sources, that can shine with different intensity or some of them be completely shut off if the illumination calls for it. This achieves a more even lighting and filling of the scene, and it might have made it into the iPhone 5 eventually.

Of course, this is all pure speculation and wishful thinking right now, and we don't even know if the leak is real or not, so take a look at the pics in the slide below and tell us what you think of the eventual black housing - even the steel rim around the phone is dark now. Oh yeah, and don't ask us why is this thing running on AT&T, unless that screen is just a placeholder.

source: iPhone via AppleInsider

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