Apple's iWatch revealed in patent application?

Apple's iWatch revealed in patent application?
The lack of innovation from Apple has been apparent to the point that co-founder Steve Wozniak is worried that the company is losing its cool. But with reports that 100 engineers are working on the Apple iWatch, the excitement is slowly building for what could be the next new Apple device. And on Thursday morning, the USPTO released a patent application filed by Apple for a bracelet that can also be used as a watch. The device would have a number of features including the ability to respond to text messages, list phone calls, rearrange playlists and more. A virtual keyboard appears over the flexible screen when needed. The watch would be powered by a combination of solar and kinetic energy.

According to the patent, and images obtained by Patently Apple, the device would use a slap bracelet to wrap around your wrist. Power could come from the use of solar and kinetic energy. According to the patent application, "Active communication between an accessory and a portable electronic device can be accomplished wirelessly. For example, a wireless data connection such as the 5 GHz 802.11n protocol can provide sufficient data transmission bandwidth to transmit a high quality video stream." The application also explains how this device, being worn on the arm, could provide a traveler with a look at a map with a "flick of the wrist." Blinking lights on the edge of the display could alert users to an event.

According to Apple, the device can also be used as a light for night time bike riding while wrapped around an arm or leg. And a gyroscope or accelerometer helps orient the screen correctly.

It seems that everyone has been waiting for Apple's next innovation. This could be it.

source: USPTO via PatentlyApple

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