Apple looking for Verizon iPad engineers

Apple looking for Verizon iPad engineers
We all know that Verizon sells the sweet Wi-Fi-only iPad/MiFi hotspot bundle, but native 3G or 4G connectivity would be a welcome addition for the iPad on Big Red, don't you think? It all depends on Apple, however, and a recent job posting suggests that Cupertino was happy with its recently formed relationship with Verizon and is now looking to expand it by hiring Verizon iPad engineers in New York City.

This leaves a few guesses as we could see a Verizon-only iPad as well as a single version for both AT&T and Verizon. The first option means an upcoming iPad with native EVDO support, required for use of Big Red's mobile data network. The second option assumes a smart solution with a single chip that would support both EVDO (used by Verizon) and HSPA (used by AT&T) technology, much like the one used in Google's Chrome Cr-48 netbook.

At the same time, the open corporate-oriented positions hint that Apple wants to cement its aspirations among corporate folk. The company has been successful offering the iPad to corporate customers, which might be a key area to grow into. Cupertino is not shy of learning from RIM's experience in the business field directly, even by aggressively hiring its employees. But RIM is preparing their own professional tablet for release and we are yet to see how this is going to work out.

source: 9to5 Mac

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