Apple iPhone is the choice of Generation Y in the U.S.; Samsung is on top overall

Apple iPhone is the choice of Generation Y in the U.S.; Samsung is on top overall
According to the latest data from Forrester Research, in the United States, Generation Y is the leading age group behind purchases of the Apple iPhone. Forrester says that 29% of this generation uses Apple iPhone as their main handset. Samsung handsets rank second, with 20% of the Generation Y people choosing them. This is the most technologically aware generation - 72% of them own a smartphone and 25% have a tablet; nearly all in the group send SMS messages and 70% of them use their smartphone to check the news, read email, grab sports scores and visit social networking sites. Gen Z is the next largest group buying the Apple iPhone at 24% followed by the 22% in Gen Z.

Overall in the U.S., Korean based Samsung has a leading 24% of the U.S. Smartphone market followed by Apple with 18% and, quite shockingly, LG also with 18%. The difference is that while Apple attracts younger buyers, an amazing 22% of Golden Generation responders, aged 65 and up, said they have an LG smartphone (versus 6% for Apple and 27% for Samsung in the category). Would you be proud to see granny sportin' an LG Optimus G?

Motorola is fourth with 12% of the U.S.smartphone market and was, along with Samsung, the most consistent performer across the time-line. The Motorola DROID RAZR series has a model with a 3300mAh battery and even the non-MAXX Motorola DROID RAZR HD offers a 2530mAh battery that should last at least a whole day. Motorola makes its phones like tanks, which help attract the older users who are more prone to drop their handset on the floor. HTC rounds out the top 5 with 8% of the U.S.smartphone market. BlackBerry and Nokia  and tied for sixth place with each owning 5% each.

source: ForresterResearch, ReadWrite via TUAW

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