The OG iPhone interface designer says Apple created it to be addictive, pins gestures as the future

The OG iPhone interface designer says Apple created it to be addictive, pins gestures as the future
At the time when the original iPhone was being developed, Apple's marketing team apparently didn't want to give users too much control over which functions and do-not-disturb features to pick and choose. That revelation comes from an interview with the lead designer of the iOS interface that changed everything in the world of smartphones about a decade ago. According to ex-Apple's Imran Chaudhri:

Steve Jobs understood how distracting the constant barrage of notifications and the totally new and immersive ways to use your phone will become, according to Mr Chaudhri. Still, he left the designers' complaints for internal consumption and did nothing to offer more granular control over the iPhone's features.

Do Not Disturb (DND) is getting a huge "expansion pack" in iOS 12, giving you the much-needed granular details about what's eating your time with the iPhone, and what to do about it, but is about a decade too late according to the acclaimed British designer. 

The DND enhancements came only as bad press about teens getting addicted to their smartphones, or people ruining their sleep habits, began to mount.

That's the past, but how about the future of phone interfaces? Well, the OG iPhone UI designer seems to tangentially confirm today's reports that Apple may be moving to gesture-based, and even touchless navigation

Looking even further down the road, we might end up communicating with our machines with just voice and thoughts/emotions. Yes, that would beat any repetitive strain injuries!


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