iPhone SE (2020): which color should you get?

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iPhone SE (2020): which color should you get?
On April 24 this year, Apple released its compact budget iPhone, the iPhone SE (2020). It has a slightly outdated design; however, it packs a very powerful processor and a great camera. In our iPhone SE (2020) Review, we praised it for its fast performance and budget-friendly price, but we were disappointed by its short battery life. Despite the smartphone’s weaknesses, Apple appears to not be suffering from a case of bad iPhone SE sales.

If you’re looking to upgrade to the iPhone SE (2020) this year, you may be wondering which iPhone SE color you should buy. The iPhone SE comes in three colors - white, black, and Product RED, and below we will hopefully help you decide which one to get.

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iPhone SE (2020) in Black

Black is a more conservative, sophisticated and mysterious color. It looks luxurious with its glossy finish and matte frame, and will look good with most cases. The one downside is that fingerprints and smudges are pretty visible on the iPhone SE (2020)’s black glass back, so keep that in mind if you plan to carry the phone around without a case. The black may be for you if you prefer a conservative and sleek way to express yourself.

iPhone SE (2020) in White

You can never go wrong with white. It's a polished-looking color, while at the same time it's attractively simple and minimalistic. The iPhone SE (2020) in white has a glossy finish, but it does not show smudges and fingerprints as much as the black or red colors. The white is complеmented by a silver matte frame. It’s important to note that the front bezels of the white iPhone SE 2020 are black, not white, as one would expect. Same goes for the red version. Another pro of the white color is that it's the most visible among the three colors in a lowly-lit room. It looks great with a transparent case or without a case.

iPhone SE (2020) Product RED

Apple offers beautiful red finishes to some of its products and this one is no exception. The red color makes the iPhone SE (2020) stand out, and gives off a bold and daring vibe. Additionally, every Product RED purchase contributes directly to a charity cause; at the moment contributions are made to the COVID-19 relief fund. The red finish is glossy on the back, surrounded by a red matte frame. Overall, the red color option for the iPhone SE 2020 is more like a fashion statement. The lightning port is in silver to match the Apple logo on the back. Smudges and fingerprints are less visible on the red finish, compared to the black, but more noticeable than on the white.

iPhone SE (2020) black, white and red colors’ resale value

When making your purchase, you might want to think of an eventual resale of your iPhone SE (2020). If that’s the case, keep in mind that in general, black phones are slightly less expensive for resale, because there are a lot of black phones on the market. The tendency is that exclusive-looking colors, such as the Product RED color, get a slightly higher resale price. However, resale value depends more on the general condition your iPhone is in, rather than on its color.

Bottom line: which iPhone SE (2020) color is the best for you?

If you tend to be on the conservative side, go for the black. If you prefer to impress with a simple and clean-looking iPhone SE (2020), go for the white. If you are the daredevil type, the red color may be best for you. Of course, you can pick whichever color you think suits you best, the most important thing is that it makes you happy.

Note that all three color options have black bezels on the front. Additionally, all three color options have glossy finishes on the glass back and matte finishes on the aluminum frames, which provides better grip.

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