Apple iPhone 7 it is, according to Vodafone

Apple iPhone 7 it is, according to Vodafone
Earlier today we told you that Apple will be holding an event on September 7th in San Francisco. We expect the tech titan to unveil the Apple iPhone 7 and Apple iPhone 7 Plus during the festivities. Or will the handsets go by another name? Earlier this year, there was talk that Apple would reserve the iPhone 7 name for the tenth anniversary model that will be released next year. And a recent Geekbench test allegedly showed that the new 4.7-inch iPhone was run through as the Apple iPhone 6SE.

Today, an image from the website of Dutch carrier Vodafone revealed a placeholder for the next iteration of the iPhone. Note that the placeholder did not call the handset the iPhone 6SE, it called the upcoming model the Apple iPhone 7. Not that iPhone naming leaks from Vodafone are always right. Back in May 2013, when most of us were expecting the Apple iPhone 5s to be coming to market, a picture leaked from Vodafone's U.K. till system showing the Apple iPhone 6 name. Of course, the iPhone 6 did eventually launch the following year, but not before the Apple iPhone 5s was released in 2013. On the other hand, a Vodafone employee confirmed the Apple iPhone 6s name in June 2015, well before the handset was unveiled with that title.

Besides today's Vodafone leak, Apple also gave us the best clue of all. The manufacturer is holding its 'by invitation only' event on September 7th, not on September 6SE. In all seriousness, we should point out that the placeholder has since been removed from Vodafone's website, replaced with a message that reads "You are not authorized to view the requested page."

source: Techtastic (translated)

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