Apple falls, Android gains in US market share, and the iPhone X is to blame

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The latest phone market share data from research firm Kantar is here, and it shows that Apple's iOS piece of the pie fell quite significantly in the US year-on-year, due to the late launch of the iPhone X

The one that managed to take advantage of people holding off their iPhone purchase for the X, is Android, whose market share by the end of October has increased from 63% to 66% in the US, compared to August, while iOS went from 35% to 32%. Needless to say, that was the time when Android handsets saw a bunch of promotions aiming to take advantage, but all other major markets saw a similar trend, too.

The share of Android phone sales in the US got boosted by the whopping 8% year-on-year in that period, mainly at the expense of Apple. Given the sales trends of the iPhone X, however, Apple is likely to announce a record holiday quarter, with the most iPhones it has ever sold, so the situation may reverse quickly, and Apple could easily reclaim the ground it lost with the belated launch of the X.

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