The iPhone X pre-order shipping availability slips to December


While you were sleeping, Apple opened the spigots on the iPhone X preorders for fans around the world, and the shipping date started slipping in the first two minutes or so. In-store pickup availability held out a bit longer, but now no matter where you look, from Florence, Italy to Georgetown in Washington D.C., the iPhone X is "not available". 

To add insult to injury, while the initial shipping times where "1-2 weeks," these are now "5-6 weeks," extending the actual availability of the iPhone X for those who didn't get through all the way to December, though we are fairly certain that you will be able to find the phone on eBay or Craigslist next weekend, starting at $1500 or so. Oh, well, it looks like the initial batch of 2-4 million units that Tim Cook baked has been already gobbled up.

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