Apple-Nokia deal lasts until December 2016?

Apple-Nokia deal lasts until December 2016?
Last month, we told you how Apple and Nokia were getting upset at Samsung. Well, let's just say that getting mad at Samsung is part of the job description for working in Cupertino. But together with Nokia, the pair were mad that Sammy was spilling the beans about Apple and Nokia's confidential patent agreement. Files marked "Highly Confidential" had found their way to 90 of Samsung's employees and 130 unauthorized lawyers. The worst part of it, according to Apple, is that Samsung used the information when it negotiated a patent deal of its own with Nokia.

When Samsung filed its response to Apple's request for a permanent injunction against several Samsung devices, it wanted to make a point. Apple had claimed that its deal with Nokia was not relevant to the current proceedings with Samsung because it was a "provisional license for a limited standstill period." Samsung countered by stating that the Apple-Nokia deal covered the future and was not simply a license covering past damages. And within that statement, Samsung revealed that the Apple-Nokia patent agreement runs from June 12th, 2011 to December 31st, 2016.

Apple and Samsung are said to be currently engaged in settlement talks, even at the highest level. Both meet up in the courtroom again on January 30th under the glaring eyes of Judge Lucy Koh. Apple has sought sanctions against Samsung's chief licensing executive Dr. Seungho Ahn for two years, along with others who got a glimpse of the confidential documents. Nokia, on the other hand, seeks sanctions against Samsung's legal team from Quinn Emanuel. Let's see if  Judge Koh has anything to say about this during that hearing.

source: FOSSPatents

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