Samsung and Apple to appear in front of Judge Koh on January 30th

Samsung and Apple to appear in front of Judge Koh on January 30th to discuss permanent injunction
Both Samsung and Apple will appear before Judge Lucy Koh on January 30th. The issue this time, is a request by Samsung for an extension to answer Apple's post-appeal request for a permanent injunction. With word that both sides are working on a settlement, Samsung wanted to have the talks on the record by asking the judge to allow it to conduct discovery relating to these talks.

Apple opposed, which you might expect it would, and Judge Koh agreed with them. Late Tuesday, she ordered both sides to appear on the 30th and ruled that Samsung cannot depose an Apple witness on the settlement talks. Obviously, Samsung believes that there is something involved with the settlement talks that would benefit its position in the case.

Koh's order does make some sense in that Samsung, as a party to the settlement talks with Apple as they discuss a licensing deal, would seem to already be aware of any "concessions" made by Apple and thus, would not seem to require discovery. You can play legal beagle by clicking on the transcript of Koh's order below.

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source: Scribd via FOSSPatents

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