Android smartphones sales driven by big screen phones, growing everywhere except for... the U.S.

Android smartphones sales driven by big screen phones, growing everywhere except for... the U.S.
Google’s Android platform continues to grow at a fast pace and interestingly that growth is hugely driven by phones with screens bigger than 4.5 inches. Android smartphones grew their market share virtually everywhere except for... the United States, according to latest data by analysts from Kantar WorldPanel ComTech.

Nearly every third Android device sold recently had a screen larger than 4.5 inches, a fact that would silence critics fiercely defending the usage superiority of smaller displays. With that big picture in mind, a bigger screened new iPhone can’t come any sooner.

Looking back at the stats, Android gained big in Europe where now two thirds of smartphones sold run on Google’s platform. And actually the same happened just about everywhere. In all major markets Android grew with one notable exception being the States where its share slipped by 4.5% while iOS grew by 9%.

Kantar also looked at the way devices with bigger screens affected what users do on them and it comes as no surprise that more advanced devices with larger displays are used for a wider array of services. For example, only a fifth of smartphone users with devices with screens smaller than 3 inches watch video, while for phablets with screens over 5 inches that percentage is 65.

“It is interesting to look at the impact a larger screen size has on how consumers use their smartphones, particularly as the line between tablets and smartphones becomes more blurred,” analyst Dominic Sunnebo said.

Take a look at just how interestingly smartphones sales moved in the last 12 weeks and how Android gains almost everywhere.

source: Kantar via Tech Crunch


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