Android is getting scrolling screenshots with the help of Chrome?

Android is getting scrolling screenshots with the help of Chrome?
The ability to take a screenshot is not always a vanity tool. There are countless situations where taking a screenshot saves a lot of time, and helps you with your work. It’s far easier to screenshot a shopping list, contact details, cooking recipes, and so on and so forth. Often the information doesn’t fit on the screen and that’s where scrolling screenshots come in. The feature has been present on Samsung, OnePlus, Huawei, and Motorola devices for quite some time but Android still lacks the feature in its core functionalities.

Things are about to change, apparently because soon Android users will be able to use the Long Screenshot option. Well, sort of. It’s a new potentially upcoming feature for Chrome browser for Android. The ChromeStory tech blog, which covers the latest news on Chrome and Chrome OS, has unearthed a flag inside Chrome’s code, that reads: “Chrome Share Long Screenshots: Enables UI to edit and share long screenshots on Android.”

Chrome’s Share menu on Android already has an option to capture and edit screenshots and the new Long Screenshot flag suggests that the feature might soon be extended. Of course, we’re not entirely sure what does “long screenshot” even means but it’s safe to assume that it’s something similar to the scrolling screenshot feature. Especially given the fact that this flag is found in a web browser - we all know web pages rarely fit on a smartphone screen and scrolling is a necessity.

At this time, there’s no further information about the Long Screenshots feature, and its implementation is far from confirmed. However, it might be a nice workaround until Android users get the feature baked into the next version of the operating system or Google decides to introduce it via software update.

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