Android Market hits 225,000 apps

Android Market hits 225,000 apps
It was only the end of December when the Android Market reached the 200,000 app milestone. Now, only a few weeks later, the Android Market has over 225,000 apps.

We don't mean to overstate its significance, but app counts are an important means of judging an operating system's success. Of course there are exceptions. The still-strong BlackBerry OS has a relatively meager 17,000 apps, but that's because it's used differently than Android or iOS. BlackBerry users still download 2,000,000 apps per day, but the OS just isn't as game-friendly.

Apple's App Store still leads with 300,000 apps, but the Android Market is showing impressive growth considering Apple's head start. Microsoft is surely jealous, with only 5,000 available apps. Then again, Windows Phone 7 might show growth like BlackBerry, building more of a corporate consumer base.

With Apple's iPhone expanding to new carriers internationally, and to Verizon here in the U.S., it will be exciting to see how the Android Market keeps pace. Will Android truly overtake the iPhone in 2011? Or will the iPhone's expansion cement its smartphone dominance?

source: MobileSyrup via AndroLib



1. g unregistered

curious where this total come from. I know different sources cite different #'s. Is the official from Google?

2. focold unregistered

Now with 225,000 apps in the android market and not all of them work on all android devices.....

6. b unregistered

The quality of the android apps is no where near that of the iphone apps

3. jayme

Posts: 36; Member since: Jan 10, 2011

I know some developers do focus on particular devices. I think this has something to do with it.

4. ecml

Posts: 129; Member since: Mar 23, 2010

Most of the Android Apps are a piece of crap.

5. E.N.

Posts: 2610; Member since: Jan 25, 2009

Here's a question that I've been dying to know for the longest time: Are all 225,000 apps or are they apps, widgets, and live wallpapers?

7. Johann unregistered

And a third of them are porn related. Visit Aproov ( where there are thousands of free apps organized into hundreds of categories with all the junk removed that you have to wade through in the Google Android Market. It's entirely web-based, so you can download apps to any device without requiring the Google Android Market app.

8. ryq unregistered

quality not quantity. how many of those 250,000 apps are garbage. they just keep accepting apps from developers just to try to surpass iphone's. it is also the reason why there are more android phones than apple's. google is just giving away their android platform regardless of the brand of the phone then they re-coup through their apps.

9. Xennex unregistered

You're quite right, as long as the top 5000 or so best apps in each app store are comparable, I don't really care anymore how many apps are available.. I mean really, who has the time to go and download and try all those apps. The dregs in the App stores will sink to the bottom. As for Google giving away the platform, that was pretty much so from the start. Sort of like how VHS got such a large following, the plans were simply distributed freely allowing lots of manufacturers to enter the market to compete.

10. zackh121556 unregistered

Wow look at the isheep play, android has a load of great apps and crappy apps, the number comes from the phones features wallpapers,flash,widgets...ect not counting a large number of other apps, so if you decide on a phone that doesn't allow that much customizing you have no reason going on a fan site for another OS just to be a hater.

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