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Android Market hits 225,000 apps

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Android Market hits 225,000 apps
It was only the end of December when the Android Market reached the 200,000 app milestone. Now, only a few weeks later, the Android Market has over 225,000 apps.

We don't mean to overstate its significance, but app counts are an important means of judging an operating system's success. Of course there are exceptions. The still-strong BlackBerry OS has a relatively meager 17,000 apps, but that's because it's used differently than Android or iOS. BlackBerry users still download 2,000,000 apps per day, but the OS just isn't as game-friendly.

Apple's App Store still leads with 300,000 apps, but the Android Market is showing impressive growth considering Apple's head start. Microsoft is surely jealous, with only 5,000 available apps. Then again, Windows Phone 7 might show growth like BlackBerry, building more of a corporate consumer base.

With Apple's iPhone expanding to new carriers internationally, and to Verizon here in the U.S., it will be exciting to see how the Android Market keeps pace. Will Android truly overtake the iPhone in 2011? Or will the iPhone's expansion cement its smartphone dominance?

source: MobileSyrup via AndroLib

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