Will you switch to Verizon, because of the Apple iPhone 4: Results

Will you switch to Verizon, because of the Apple iPhone 4: Results

Ah, the Verizon iPhone 4, source ofcountless rumors, myths and legends. It was less than a week ago thateveryone thought AT&T exclusivity will not end any time soon, butthe wheel of time spun a full circle to break the exciting news aboutApple's iPhone coming on Big Red. How would the DROIDers accept thecontroversial news and will this make others jump on the Verizonwagon? The question finally received a solid answer after 2115of you, our respondents, shared their thoughts.

And those thoughts showed that thecarrier rivalry is raging at full force. The most of you (39 percent, or 825 votes) felt that the Android-running powerhouses on Sprint (like the HTC EVO 4G) would attract them to Sprint more than any iPhone. However, a close36.64 per cent could not disagree more with the previousstatement and were happy to finally be able to use the full iPhonepower on Verizon's time-proven network.

AT&T's problems with dropped callsseemed overstated for 12.34 per cent or 261 of you, who wereperfectly fine with the carrier. But then again, 126 votesshowed that it is not only about the phone, even if it's an iPhone 4,but more about the network. In our case – the T-Mobile network withits promised speeds of 42 Mbps. And finally, 95 of respondents wereready to abandon Sprint despite its 4G WiMAX network and embrace theVerizon iPhone 4.

What can we say, it really is a tiedrace we see between carriers and networks, as well as between Androidand iOS. Despite the fact that most of you found the HTC EVO 4G as amore iconic device, the large number of users willing to switch toVerizon is a good tribute to Big Red's stable network. And now, wecan only thank you for paticipating and let the numbers speak as the Verizon iPhone 4 launch isapproaching ever so close.

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