Amazon Kindle Fire available at Best Buy on Tuesday

Amazon Kindle Fire available at Best Buy on Tuesday
The Amazon Kindle Fire is expected to launch on Tuesday, and those early adopters looking to buy the 7 inch tablet would probably think of Amazon as the first place to make the purchase. The only problem with that is that according to the online retailer's web site, delivery of the device wouldn't take place until November 21st through the 23rd. That might not be terribly long to wait, but most first day buyers like to have the actual device in hand immediately after shelling out the cash.

There is a solution and it came in an email that Best Buy has been sending out. The Big Box retailer will have the Amazon Kindle Fire in stock on Tuesday for the same $199.99 it is being offered for on Amazon. Most of the content for the tablet will be offered for sale by Amazon along with cloud-based storage, but there is no requirement that you have to buy the hardware from Amazon.

Demand for the Amazon Kindle Fire has been hot and heavy with the number of units set to be produced this year steadily rising from 3.5 million, to 4 million and now 5 million units as we reported. With such heavy demand for the tablet, if you can't wait for Amazon to ship it to you, you might want to call your local Best Buy store before heading over there. The device will not be offered on Best Buy's web site.

So who who plans on picking up the Amazon Kindle Fire on launch day? Feel free to comment by typing your message in the box below.

source: BestBuy

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