After Apple, Samsung and LG might be exploring sapphire crystal displays, too

After Apple, Samsung and LG exploring sapphire crystal displays, too
Apple has been toying around with display panels made of sapphire crystals for a while now, and is even rumored to boost a volume production for said displays, as they might find a place in the upcoming iPhone(s) 6. Sapphire has many virtues as a mobile device touchscreen cover, and is a viable alternative to the Gorlla Glass franchise, even surpassing it in some aspects.

The issue is cost, of course, and it turns out this has been the main deterrent for Samsung and LG, not only Apple, to start utilizing sapphire displays. Until now. Korean media is reporting that both LG and Samsung are back to the drawing board, considering the employment of sapphire in their display panels, after previously dismissing them as too expensive to be mass-produced. Apparently Apple's experience with tooling and machinery might have given them a hint that sapphire can be used in a more cost-effective way, so the time we see this innovative material in a Samsung or LG phone, might not be far away.

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source: ETNews via G4Games

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