Acer unveils AcerCloud: free proprietary unlimited storage

Acer unveils AcerCloud: free proprietary unlimited storage
The AcerCloud was just unveiled at CES and it allows you to upload your files to an Acer web server, and then access them from your computer, tablet or smartphone. It’s coming for free on Acer PCs and is unlimited in Acer’s words.

Acer’s proprietary AcerCloud arrives a bit later than other big cloud offers like the iCloud, and aims to build an ecosystem of Acer products so that you can sync your files across them. The service is set to launch stateside and in China in the second quarter of 2012 (rest of the world by end-2012) and centers around three core features:

  • PicStream - a photo sharing service,
  • AcerCloud docs - syncing and sharing your documents,
  • Media - for your music.

The files will be stored on the web for 30 days, but while Apple for example has the strong support and fan loyalty to introduce such a proprietary product, Acer is far from being that popular among customers. The AcerCloud service works differently, though - it doesn’t bet entirely on the cloud for storage and allows you to low-power wake your computer to get the files you need.

The company promises Android and Windows support for the service. Now, what do you think - do you need such a service from Acer, or would you still remain loyal to your Dropbox/ cloud service?

source: PCWorld

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