8 out of every 10 smartphones bought by a Verizon customer are Android flavored

8 out of every 10 smartphones bought by a Verizon customer are Android flavored
Ever since the launch of the Motorola DROID in November 2009, Verizon has been focusing on selling handsets powered by the Android operating system. With the popularity of Android, this has proven to be a wise decision by Big Red's executives. In fact, Android phones dominate the sales charts for the carrier with 8 out of 10 smartphone models sold being Android devices according to data from ITG Investment Research. In October 2009, 93% of the mobile operator's smartphone sales were BlackBerry devices. But Verizon weathered the Storm so to speak, and 2 months later BlackBerry was down to a 48% share while Motorola's piece of Verizon's sales soared from 3% to 36% , all thanks to the Motorola DROID.

Right now, 57% of Verizon's line-up is Android with 30% belonging to BlackBerry. The sales numbers show that RIM's products have slipped from that 93% peak to 19% as of last month. Motorola branded phones lead with 38% and HTC is third with 18%. In fourth place is Samsung with a 10% slice and Palm, with a meager 1% share, is fifth. Take a look at the graph below to see the impact that the Motorola DROID has had on BlackBerry sales at Verizon.

Once Windows Phone 7 handsets make their way to the carrier, it should be interesting to see what happens to this dynamic. And, if Shaw Wu is finally right and Verizon finally gets the Apple iPhone, the statistics will get shaken up some more.

source: InformationWeek



9. dandirk unregistered

I am with you, I love the android widgets, customization and multitude of device choices of form factors. Information at a glance, vs having to open the app. All I am saying is that IF/When iphone goes to verizon, we will know how much those features really matter to the masses. I think the ipod is a pretty good example of how things will go. Even when competitors release good alternatives the masses still flock to ipod/touch. Its what they know, their friends know etc. Vested with (itunes). This market is so owned by apple, no one even tries anymore. Sure android would still be a viable platform, but I unfortunately suspect its market share will drop by a significant portion.

8. Mr.Snapdragon

Posts: 5; Member since: Nov 26, 2010

I would have to agree with the agent. Ive worked in this industry for over three years and i can tell you that Yes IF the iphone were to come over AT&T would lose its ace card and the Android market would feel the affect BUT we cant forget that the iphone does not allow customers to be able to customize their phone and you cant add memory to it either plus to tell you the truth we have heard WAY too much about the iphone moveing over for the past couple of years and it has not happened too bad they got in bed with a network that cant perform....

7. AnnonymousVZW unregistered

As a Verizon representative I would say that Android will still hold its own because of the capabilities and differences from the iPhone. iPhone will take over a good portion of the number of sales due to popularity but customers will still have their preferences. Blackberry is still the best option for business customers while iPhone and Android will carry the entertainment value. The operating system between the two devices is entirely different allowing for each customer to set up their phone the way they see fit with Android giving more customization capabilities due to their extensive widget programs. Having the easy access to applications without ever having to open them gives the AndroidOS an edge over iOS.

6. Whateverman

Posts: 3295; Member since: May 17, 2009

The percentage may drop but the number of Android devices sold shouldn't decline very much considering that Android now has a huge following. Many people think that Android is only popular because of the iPhone's exclusivity, which may be true. But at this point the Android OS IS very popular and the ip4 coming to Verizon isn't going to change that. I've said it before that I really wanted the iPhone badly, up until I got my Droid. Wow! Suddenly, the iPhone wasn't all that appealing anymore. I'm really used to the customization now and going to iOS (as pretty as it is) would feel like joining the Borg!

5. dandirk unregistered

wow what a surprise... The only smart phones they carry are BB and android. BB probably only wins for corporate users that want access to work data/email etc. Everyone else goes android. Then a small sliver goes palm. IF iphone goes to verizon, you will see how truely popular android is. I suspect it will drop quit a bit. (android user/liker here).

2. Glorfindale

Posts: 17; Member since: Jul 16, 2010

Yeah, that's a pretty big mistake. If it were actually true and 8 out of 10 of every phone sold were Android, we would see growth beyond belief for it. Feature phones still have a market out there.

4. narley

Posts: 357; Member since: May 14, 2009

strike two.... you guys both fail.

11. saberomega

Posts: 3; Member since: Dec 10, 2010

see above, idiot

1. saberomega

Posts: 3; Member since: Dec 10, 2010

Wow! Way to misinterpret the data, PA. 8 out of every 10 SMARTPHONES that are sold are Androids, not ALL phones. It's not just your headline, either: "In October 2009, 93% of the mobile operator's phone sales were BlackBerry devices;" which would mean only 7% of all phone sales in October were manufacturers other than RIM. I think not. Do us all a favor, and hire a proofreader.

3. narley

Posts: 357; Member since: May 14, 2009

In October 2009, 93% of the mobile operator's smartphone sales were BlackBerry devices. ... they said 93% of SMARTPHONES.... wow dont you feel dumb.

10. saberomega

Posts: 3; Member since: Dec 10, 2010

...or....PA updated their site in the 3 hours between our posts. idiot

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