6-month old boy is moved out of harm's way just before a Samsung Galaxy S6 explodes

6-month old boy is moved out of harm's way just before a Samsung Galaxy S6 explodes
A Samsung Galaxy S6 exploded inside a home in England on Christmas Eve, missing a six-month old baby boy who was moments before sleeping in the line of fire. The Galaxy S6 was charging on a bedside table when 39-year old Victoria Leeds heard a bang while walking in the hallway of her home. While it wasn't loud, it was enough for her to run into the bedroom and see what the ruckus was all about. There, she spotted a flame shooting out of her handset. "There was a flame coming from the phone and sparks flying everywhere. They looked like fireworks," she said.

Moments before the phone exploded, Leeds had taken her son out of the cot where he was sleeping, and placed him on the bed. That turned out to be a lucky break since the cot suffered burn marks. Even more frightening, Leeds was five-minutes away from heading into the shower. Had the phone exploded five minutes later than it did, her son might have been seriously injured.

Instead, she grabbed the baby and rushed outside. Her husband unplugged the handset and their son was unscathed by the explosion. As for the handset, Leeds spoke with Samsung and the company promised to send her a replacement. A week has gone by, and she is still waiting.

Meanwhile, the company has issued a statement in which it says that "There are no known issues with the Galaxy S6."

While the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 ended up recalled and taken off the market after a series of explosions, earlier this month a Samsung Galaxy S6 went up in smoke half-way through a flight on a China Airlines Jet. And a lawsuit was filed a couple of months ago after a Samsung Galaxy S6 Active exploded back in August. Other manufacturers are also having similar problems. Earlier this month, an Apple iPhone 6s exploded and caught on fire after being unplugged from the charger.

source: ManchesterEveningNews 

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