6-7 million display panels for the iPad 3 to be shipped this quarter, tip suppliers, iPad 2 ones winding down

6-7 million displays for the iPad 3 to be shipped in Q1, tip suppliers, iPad 2 ones winding down
After allegedly shipping one million high-resolution display panels for the iPad 3 last quarter, suppliers now tip that Apple has ordered additional 6-7 million units to be shipped in Q1, building up for the eventual March release of the slate. The earlier than usual Chinese New Year allegedly sped up the production volumes as well.

LG, Samsung and Sharp were said to be lined up for production, although recent rumors emerged claiming that Sharp has to do more to satisfy Apple's demands.

Initially, rumor had it, what Sharp's panels couldn't produce, is a low enough price for its high-resolution screen, but seeing that Cupertino is collaborating with the company on a new IGZO display technology, the kinks will probably be ironed out.

The iPad 2 XGA panels, on the other hand, are said to wind down gradually - from 10 million units the last quarter, to 7-8 million this one, thus eventually the iPad 3 panel shipments surpassing those of the iPad 2 next quarter.

The total shipment of iPad 2 panels is estimated to be about 40 million for the whole of 2012, followed by 25 million iPad 2 displays, which is rumored to fall down in price once Apple announces its third generation slate with double the screen resolution, eventual quad-core processor and LTE, plus tailor-made software.

source: Digitimes

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