$4 Freedom 251 smartphone starts shipping in India on June 30th

$4 Freedom 251 smartphone starts shipping in India on June 30th
The Freedom 251, a $4 smartphone that is named after its price in rupees, will start shipping out of India at the end of this month. 200,000 units will be delivered. The device comes with a 4-inch display carrying a qHD 540 x 960 resolution. A quad-core 1.3GHz CPU is under the hood with 1GB of RAM and 8GB of expandable native storage. An 8MP rear camera adorns the back of the unit, with a 3.2MP front-facing snapper for selfies and video chats. Android 5.1 is pre-installed.

The specs are certainly not a major selling point of the phone, the ridiculously low price is the attraction here. In fact, the company admits that it is taking a loss on each unit sold. You might recall that Amazon was doing the same thing when it first started selling the Kindle Fire tablet. But Amazon was counting on sales of apps, content and cloud based services to turn a profit on the business.

India seems the perfect location to launch such an endeavor. Now the second largest smartphone market in the world, the country's low per capita income of $1,500 assures that budget priced handsets sell the most, In fact, last year 75% of smartphones sold in the country were priced at $150 or lower. 

source: Engadget



1. submar

Posts: 713; Member since: Sep 19, 2014

I wonder the loss per unit sold.

2. phonearenarocks

Posts: 606; Member since: Mar 26, 2015

I strongly believe there is a conspiracy in this matter, not just about loss per unit.

3. Papa_Ji

Posts: 851; Member since: Jun 27, 2016

Its INDIA, here everthing is possible..

4. gsv619

Posts: 54; Member since: Apr 04, 2014

I read somewhere that the company was incurring a loss if INR 150-200 ($2-3) per handset. I genuinely think this phone will be a huge disappointment, not because of the features, but because people who were "lucky" enough to order it will never receive their phones!

5. shaprack

Posts: 16; Member since: Jun 20, 2016

They have successfully made the Handset which resemble like Mote -E when the Retail unit is ready i dont think so there will be any problem delivering this,

8. androidrocks

Posts: 63; Member since: Apr 14, 2012

They have refunded the pre-order amount to all those "lucky" customers. I wonder who they are going to ship these phones to now!

6. IronTech

Posts: 153; Member since: May 27, 2016

Whenever it arrives in my country, I will get one for my 3-year-old niece. :)

7. AlikMalix unregistered

"iPhone 4C" is that you?

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