Meta Quest 3 wins award at Augmented World Expo, Vision Pro nowhere to be found

Meta Quest 3 wins award at Augmented World Expo, Vision Pro nowhere to be found
This year’s AWE (Augmented World Expo) held its first event in Long Beach, California where it also featured an XR Hall of Fame. At the Auggie Awards this year — AWE’s award ceremony — the Meta Quest 3 won the award of “Best Headworn Device”.

There were 19 categories in total. Some of the more interesting ones, in my opinion, were as follows:

  • Webex Hologram — Cisco (Best Collaboration Tool)
  • Pillow (Best Consumer App)
  • Campfire (Best Enterprise Solution)
  • Manufacturing AR Co-Pilot — Pfizer (Best Use of AI)

Meta Quest 3 is one of the best VR headsets currently on the market. It’s affordable (relatively speaking), has great specs and comes with a vast library of native VR games. Meta also continues to improve its services and platforms, like Horizon Worlds, making its headsets an even more appealing purchase.

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For just over the cost of a PlayStation 5, you get so much more entertainment in my opinion.

I’m also pleased to see Campfire winning an award. It provides a very practical use case for VR headsets and it will be getting Apple Vision Pro support soon. Campfire aims to eliminate the cost and friction that comes with having to travel or ship equipment to inspect it in person. An example of this is industrial equipment manufacturers, as Jay Wright — CEO of Campfire — told me:

— Jay Wright, June 2024

AWE’s Long Beach event also had other exciting moments. For example, Palmer Luckey — founder of Oculus — announced he was working on a new headset that he thinks is “really cool”.

Surprisingly, the Apple Vision Pro was nowhere to be seen. It might be super expensive, a trend it’s continuing with its international pricing, but it definitely caused a stir in the XR (Extended Reality) industry.

Meta has been racing to conquer the XR world before it properly takes off and goes mainstream like smartphones.. First the company made Quest OS open-source. Then it announced it was working on AI-powered AR smart glasses. And now we might be looking at a cheaper Quest 3 headset later this year called Meta Quest 3S.

To me, it’s no wonder the Quest 3 won this award.
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