Enterprise collaboration platform announces Apple Vision Pro support

Enterprise collaboration platform announces Apple Vision Pro support
Virtual collaboration platform Campfire is now coming to the Apple Vision Pro. Campfire’s decision comes after the platform claimed explosive growth since coming to Meta Quest 3.

Apple’s headset was always marketed as a productivity and entertainment machine. Tim Cook — CEO at Apple — recently revealed that half of Fortune 100 companies had bought a Vision Pro. Clearly, influential companies seem interested in giving Apple’s headset a go. And Campfire promises to revolutionize enterprise collaboration using spatial computing.

Campfire lets users share digital recreations of physical products, environments, design blueprints and more just as easily as sharing simpler files. Support for spatial computers like the Vision Pro take this one step further.

— Jay Wright (CEO and co-founder of Campfire), June 2024

Campfire promises three main benefits of using its platform for enterprise-level collaboration.

  • Virtual prototyping
  • Virtual showrooms
  • And earlier identification of potential issues

What Campfire basically does, especially with VR headsets, is allow teams to collaborate on a much larger scale while cutting down costs. Campfire claims an ROI (return on investment) within weeks as travel and shipping costs for equipment will be vastly reduced.

— Anthony Cortez (Lead Visualization Specialist at ARUP), June 2024

Campfire isn’t restricted to just spatial computing, however. The platform also works on PCs, Macs and tablets for maximum cross-platform collaboration.

Campfire arrives for Vision Pro this Fall on the App Store. A preview can be requested here.

I personally think the premise is fascinating, and definitely something the XR (Extended Reality) industry needs. VR shouldn’t just be a gimmick for gaming, in my opinion, because it can really revolutionize computing.
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