Meta Quest 3 Lite specs reportedly leaked

Meta Quest 3 Lite specs reportedly leaked
For a while now there has been speculation that Meta has been working on a cheaper version of its Quest 3 headset. This new headset, rumored to be named Quest 3 Lite or Quest 3s, is supposedly a replacement for the Meta Quest 2.

The rumors first surfaced when there were reports of Meta partnering with Chinese tech conglomerate Tencent. This alleged budget version of the Quest 3 would lower the barrier to entry into the XR industry. It would also let people experience features and apps exclusive to the Quest 3 at a lower cost.

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The Meta Quest 3 is a brilliant upgrade over the Quest 2.

No further details have surfaced since then, until today. VR enthusiast and occasional specs leaker Lunayian — who describes herself as an “unhinged anime catgirl” — contacted Quest developers over the weekend.

Luna asked said developers for details, if they had any, about the Meta Quest 3 Lite. And apparently, Luna got to not only talk to people who know about the Quest 3 Lite, but also saw it herself.

If the specifications leaked by Luna are accurate, they give us a glimpse into what we can expect from this headset. The biggest change seems to be the lower resolution, which means games won’t look as good.

Disappointingly, the Quest 3 Lite seems to have three fixed IPD settings instead of the variable IPD wheel like the Quest 3. This means you’ll only have three settings to choose from when it comes to the distance between the lenses, just like the Quest 2. Invariable IPD options often lead to many people having to make do with subpar focus.

According to the leak the Quest 3 Lite will use the same Snapdragon chipset as the Quest 3. So performance should be exactly the same if not slightly better than the Quest 3 on account of the lower resolution display requiring less power.

Fresnel lenses being used instead of pancake lenses might mean the new headset is slightly less compact than the Quest 3. No price or release date leak yet, but it’s expected that the Quest 3 Lite will release later this year.

Though I personally am willing to fork over a little more cash for better displays, the Quest 3 Lite will hopefully entice more people to try out VR games. And I’m all for the growth of XR in general.
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