Apple Vision Pro gets two beloved classic VR games

Apple Vision Pro gets two beloved classic VR games
The Apple Vision Pro launched with a lackluster game library, especially fully-immersive titles. Thankfully, more and more games are being ported to the headset. And the most recent two are utter VR classics: Job Simulator and Vacation Simulator.

Owlchemy Labs has launched its popular games on Vision Pro and reworked the entire gameplay. Apple’s headset doesn’t come with dedicated controllers like many VR headsets which are designed for gaming. So both the games had to be redesigned to work with just eye and hand tracking.

This makes Job Simulator and Vacation Simulator one of the first fully-immersive VR games to be ported to Vision Pro. A few days ago Demeo was launched on Vision Pro as well. Demeo is one of our most favorite VR games and its addition to Vision Pro’s library is going to make some DnD fans very happy.

But that’s not all. Owlchemy Labs has brought the hand tracking support from Vision Pro’s port to Meta’s Quest headsets as well. Now the Meta Quest 3, Quest Pro and Quest 2 versions of both games can be played without controllers as well.

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You won’t get eye tracking support like the Vision Pro, however.

Job Simulator and Vacation Simulator are both great games that have sold really well across multiple VR platforms, and for good reason. They’re highly polished games and the gameplay itself is fluid and fun. The world in both games is also very interactive, playing to the strengths of VR.

Job Simulator and Vacation Simulator are available on the Apple App Store for Vision Pro and cost $19.99 and $29.99 respectively. You'll need a Vision Pro to find them on the App Store for now.

Our Vision Pro review put it as one of the best AR headsets on the market right now. However, most consumers simply cannot afford one. And many who can don’t want to shell out $3,499 for what, in their eyes, might just be another fad. Which makes it all the more important that the upcoming rumored Vision Pro 2 is much more affordable than its predecessor.
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