Apple Vision Pro gets one of our most favorite VR games

Apple Vision Pro gets one of our most favorite VR games
It’s no secret the Apple Vision Pro was hurting for games when it first came out. Apple is mostly aiming for a Mixed Reality device that is used for work and passive media consumption.

Nevertheless, the company has made some strides recently to bring more VR games to the headset. For example, Apple Arcade — Apple’s subscription-based games service — has some really fun games for the Vision Pro.

Other studios are jumping in to help too. New games are being announced like Marvel’s Vision Pro exclusive based on the ‘What If…?’ TV show. And existing games are being redesigned to work with the lack of controllers on the Vision Pro. Like the recently announced Demeo, which is one of the games on our list of amazing VR games.

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Demeo faithfully recreates the feeling of a good tabletop RPG.

Demeo is a game that brings the tabletop RPG experience to VR headsets. Players can join forces and play turn-based role playing games in charmingly detailed levels.

Despite Apple’s insistence on Mixed Reality, Demeo on the Vision Pro currently doesn’t have an MR mode. The game can either be played in full VR or in a windowed mode so you can keep track of your surroundings.

Fortunately, the game supports both cross-buy and cross-platform play. So you only need to buy it once to own it across all your supported Apple devices. And you won’t be restricted to playing it with other Apple users only.

Demeo is available on the Apple App Store for $39.99. Being one of the best AR headsets ever made, the Apple Vision Pro should shine when you play Demeo on it. But being as expensive as it is ($3,499), I’d wait for the rumored Vision Pro 2 instead. Or just play it on the excellent Meta Quest 3.
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